About Pish Posh

It depends on your take on life; this is one of those blogs which may make you laugh and cry. But if any of the posts bring you to the point of tears, it should mostly be out of joy or laughter. Because this is one of those blogs where a certain young lady just happens to have a highly contagious quirky sense of humor about life in general. She’s also quite naughty at times, so perhaps you can expect a bit of mischief making from this young lady named Pish Posh. Who on earth would want to be named thus. Well, Pish Posh, actually.

Forgive the introducer’s ignorance, rudeness and prejudice actually.

Well, come on, get on with it. Write me up a nice intro won’t you, it’s what I’m paying you for, isn’t it.

The queen has spoken. And do forgive my ignorance and about turn. Names are an interesting turn in any case. Books have been written about it. If you delve into Pish Posh’s blog, you’ll soon see how the name may suit her. As I said from the beginning, this is a young lady with a quirky but fun-filled positive outlook on life. Like most girls her age, she has things of interest she’d like to chat to you about. In no order, her interests are feeling good, women’s beauty and skin care. You can expect her to drop the clowning act when she gets to talking around these interesting themes.

Not only is she quite enthusiastic about these themes, she’s quite serious about them too. She is all for women’s lib and feminism and all of that type of stuff but she is not for being slovenly and self-righteous just for the sake of it. For instance, Pish Posh is the type of girl that would gag if you were one of those weird types that lifted up your arm to her and showed her the thick, black carpet that is your under-armpit. Things like that even, this is the sort of gaffe-like style you can expect Pish Posh to take on when she’s taking on the world and booming from her soap box – we’ve lost count of how many she has – on the joys and importance of feeling good, looking good, women’s beauty and skin care.

Pish Posh is champing at the bit to start showing you a good time on beauty and women’s issues. She’s dying to dish up useful, and sometimes fun, information on how you can look, feel and be as gorgeous as she is. At the time of writing, Pish Posh wanted to go out shopping while we were hard at work preparing the introduction to her blog. We’ve given you the themes, but what we’d like to know from Pish Posh is; what exactly is this bird going to be talking about exactly. Oh, wait, here she is. Perhaps this will be a good time for us to sign off and wish you well with your entertaining but informative reading sojourns with Pish Posh and her opinionated take on looking and feeling great, women’s beauty and skin care.

Hullo, hullo, hullo, wot’s this then hey. Oi, it’s me, it’s Pish Posh, your new guv, love…