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Add Juicing to a Healthy Diet Plan

There are a lot of people out there that are going to try and say the only way that you can see weight loss through juicing is to eventually replace all your solid foods with juice. Even though this really can help you lose weight, there are just some people who can’t do it or may not be able to do this because of health issues. This is why we also believe that you can simply add juicing to a healthy diet plan.

You can still benefit from juicing and see weight loss if you add all natural juices to your healthy diet plan. For some people, doing all juicing and adding no solid foods can often affect the way they feel mentally and it can give them a negative attitude toward juicing and they won’t be successful at weight loss. So, if you’re the type of person that just doesn’t want to get rid of your solid foods, don’t feel guilty, you’ll still benefit from juicing if you add juices to a healthy diet plan that you might already be on.

If you want to lose some weight and feel healthier just supplement one or two meals with a juice and then make sure to include healthy snacks all during the day. Below are a few recipes that taste great and are simple to make that you can easily add to your healthy diet plan.

Green Goddess Juice

This is a great one if you’re trying to add a green juice to your diet. This one is the ideal one to start off with. This is a super refreshing and hydrating juice.


• 3 celery stalks
• ½ large cucumber cut into quarters
• 1 medium green apple cut into eighths
• 1 medium pear, cut into eighths


Juice all the above ingredients for normal juicing according to the manual that came with your juicer. Pour and drink right away or you can let it chill in the fridge for about an hour and then enjoy it.

Ginger Zinger

This is a great one for anyone who loves a little kick of ginger. It also has a nice balance of sweetness with the apples and carrots in it.


• 2 medium apples cut into eighths
• 5 carrots
• ½ inch piece of ginger
• ¼ lemon peeled


Juice all the ingredients according to your juicer manual. Drink right away or again you can chill it for about an hour and then enjoy sipping on it.

Tropical Kale Juice

This is a tropical tasting juice that comes with plenty of nutrients that is contained in the dark leafy greens of the kale found in it.


• ¼ of a pineapple with core and skin removed and cut into one inch strips
• 4 kale leaves
• 1 ripe banana


Juice the pineapple and the kale together and then switch the juicer strainer to a coarse one and then add the banana and juice it. Pour and enjoy.

Antioxidant Blast

The sweetness of the berries help to balance out the earthiness of the beets. It also makes a really pretty purple colored juice.


• 2 medium beets cut into quarters including the greens
• 1 cup blueberries
• 1 cup strawberries cut in half


Put all the ingredients in the juicer and juice all together, pour and enjoy. You can chill it if you want for about an hour.

Boost Your Immune System

This is a great one anytime. However, if you’re not feeling so good, this is a great one to give your immune system a power boost with the combination of ginger, lemon, and orange.


• 2 oranges peeled and quartered
• ¼ lemon peeled
• 1 medium apple cut into eighths
• ½ inch of fresh ginger


Put all the ingredients in the juicier, juice, pour and enjoy.

Apples and Kale

This is a juice that combines two kinds of apples along with some leafy greens. Makes for an interesting twist on your traditional apple juice.


• 1 tart green apple cut into eighths
• 1 sweet red apple cut into eighths
• 5 kale leaves


Put all the ingredients in juicer and juice together. Pour and serve.

Kale Kickstart

This is a great juice to start your day off with. Don’t be scared off with the kale because this juice is packed with plenty of fruits to please anyone.


• 1 orange peeled and quartered
• 1 cup of strawberries cut in half
• 2 kale leaves
• 3 carrots
• 1 ripe banana


Put the orange, strawberries, kale, and carrots in juicer and juice normally. Switch your juicer strainer to a coarse one and then juice your banana with everything else. Pour and drink and enjoy!

Cucumber & Melon Cooler

This is a nice light and fruity juice that’s great anytime but really super good for the summer months.


• ¼ cantaloupe cut into chunks
• 2 stalks of celery
• ½ cucumber cut into slices
• ¼ lemon peeled
• 1 or 2 mint leaves


Put all the ingredients in your juicer and juice them all together, pour and enjoy. You can chill it for an hour for a cooler beverage during the hotter months.

We hope that these simple and great tasting recipes will help kickstart your juicing by making it simple and far less overwhelming. Enjoy and stay healthy.

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