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Are You Sure These Are Good Skin Care Techniques And Not Just Myths

You remember that earlier post where I mentioned being at the right place at the right time? Well, this is it for you girls. It’s time for a good laugh. Remember, laughter’s good for you. But it’s also a good time for introspection. Think about the great, natural and common sense things you could be doing to rejuvenate your skin beyond compare to what you’ve been doing and using before. I had yet another look at the blogging diary and am quite pleased to say that I’m going to be carrying on with this humorous tone in a later post.

Or maybe not. Some girls are crying out for useful info that they can really use. No mucking about in other words. All righty then, I suppose. Also, it seems like I’m having a right royal difficult time in compiling a good list of beauty and skin care products that girls can use. You see, most of the products have either been advertised or promoted by bloggers who, I’m sure, are being paid by the product manufacturers and retailers.

It’s not really helpful having information that’s blatantly biased. I also read somewhere else that when a product says its ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’ you’d better have another look at the product label again. Chances are good that said ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products are nothing of the sort. There’s still poisonous chemicals and carcinogens lurking behind that label. Also, for a beauty and skin care product to be entirely organic, its packaging material must be just so.

No plastic must be used and there must be clear evidence that the global carbon footprint has not been negatively impacted. In other words, instead of going for an import which has been shipped and trekked for thousands of miles on trucks and planes, go local. By now, there will be a local product store near to you these days which specializes in home-made beauty care products. Also, instead of plastic, the beauty pack can be made up quite prettily from recycled materials.


•    Rub talcum powder into your hair – This is ridiculous, if you ask me. Who has heard of such a thing? I’ve heard of talcum powder before, but I always thought this was the stuff the old barbers used to smatter on their gentlemen customer’s necks after their hair’s been given the right old snip, snip and cut.

•    Put toothpaste on your spots – I could not stop laughing at this. You don’t think this is true? You better believe this, girls, somewhere someone said this. I’ll admit though, that at some stage, I also thought this was a made-up joke. Of course, it is well known that toothpaste is for brushing teeth, not for skin. I’ve since learned that we now also need to be little more careful about what sort of toothpaste we’re using these days. If you take care of your skin and teeth the natural way, your teeth will gleam, sure enough. But apparently, conventional toothpastes have harmful ingredients added too. The only alternative, just to be on the safe side, seems to hunt down organic toothpastes, of which there are quite a few.

•    Sleep with your socks on – You’re going to love this one. Of course, most of us will be sleeping with our socks on when it’s freezing hell cold outside. But here’s the thing, apparently, how this is possible I shall never know sleeping with your socks on but with moisturizer in it helps to soften crusty, dry heels. Give me a break.

•    Pinching your cheeks –If you pinch your cheeks really hard, it is going to make it glow red like a neon traffic light. But then what? So, your cheeks stay rosy pink for a few seconds, and then it’s back to its normal dull pallor. Focus more on your skin’s health rather than cosmetics.


•    Drinking water – It goes without saying.

•    Using cucumber – Two slices over tired eyes, if you please.

•    Eat lots of fruit and vegetables – Ideally, vegetables will be consumed raw.

•    Using honey – Raw honey works wonders as a skin balm. It can also be added to a warm bath.

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