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Don’t Let Yourself Go Just For The Sense Of Looking Good

The blokes that wrote the introduction to my personal blog on feeling good and beauty may have told you that I have a great sense of humor. The world’s best stand-up comics, I would imagine, have it in bucket loads. Well girls, I hope you have a good sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine, didn’t you know. Don’t believe old wives’ tales that suggest that too much laughing will give you wrinkles, among other things.

The comics of today have others to thank for their line of work. They have to say thank you to all the ridiculous men and women of this world that provide them with plenty of writing material and sometimes even ammunition to come up with a great show that keeps their audiences laughing throughout. Pish Posh has spoken. Pish Posh has given the world her first beauty tip ever on the blogosphere.

That tip is to laugh more. It’s good for you. It creates a positive glow for you in those rosy cheeks you were born with. The fact that they’re now of a gray pallor, even if you’re dark and lovely, the grayness of the day can still be detected, tells others what kind of a day you might have been through. Of course, what you eat during the day also takes its toll. And, glaringly, what makeup that goes on your once-beautiful face also plays a negative role.

Far too many girls are so desperate to look lovely that they’ll break down and cry sometimes. This after trying so many fads that simply didn’t work. I happen to be on the page that suggests all the natural alternatives that work a whole lot better than the chemical-based poison that gets plucked onto sensitive skin. But girls have been missing one vital point. Just because smearing strawberry crème on Sandra’s freckled face has turned her into a gorgeous looking wonder, does not mean that the same crème will work for Julia whose skin remains whiter than snow.

Let that be Pish Posh’s second ever beauty tip for the women’s world online. Just because other girls are doing it, doesn’t mean you should be doing it too. To repeat; what works for one, may not, and probably does not, work for another. Remember, even if you think you have average looking skin, don’t make things worse for it, and for your emotions, by trying out products that you’re really not sure will work anyhow.

I learned this lesson (again) just the other day. I guess I was also feeling kind of desperate and lonely for a change. But that’s no excuse. My skin is naturally oily. And when I say naturally, I mean naturally. It’s the healthy skin that I was born with, and it was meant to be this way. But I was growing tired of the oily muck on my face so I went to the beauty parlor and indulged myself in an expensive product pack (no names mentioned).

And so to work I went, like a kid opening her Christmas presents before the time. Speaking of which. Time flies so quickly when you’re so busy. Time flies quickly when you’re having a good time too. Like reading my post, for instance. See, almost done. Within days, my skin was indeed dry, but now it was as dry as a drought-stricken and parched well. Bugger this, I thought. But I had learned my lesson. Instead of going back to the store to complain, I quietly disposed of my useless beauty pack at the chemist’s waste disposal unit.

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