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I’m Going All Natural, And That’s That, And Here’s Why.

So, my last post ended on a high. I told you all that my mission in life now is to stay and feel beautiful for the rest of my life. I’m going to carry on with that mission in this post. If you enjoyed the last one, well, I’m confident; you’ll enjoy this one too. And haven’t you noticed that I’ve been as honest and unpretentious as they come. I’ve not pretended to be a know it all or a holier than thou, but I have shared my joy of new discoveries. Honestly, I have.

So, without any further prattle, we no longer need intros or long-winded explanations now do we, let’s get on with it. First up, a reminder. Read those bloody product labels. You could be saving your life if you do. If you’re a mum with kids, like my mum was once, and like I’m not now, you’ll be saving their lives too. You simply need to read those product labels with a little extra care. As I made evident in a previous post, you even need to re-check those products labeled ‘organic’ or ‘natural’. True as bob.

I have  a new belief as a result of my own knowledge empowerment and, I could admit, based on the silly things I did in the past, that whenever in doubt, just don’t go there. If you’re not sure about the product label on your instinctive first choice on the shelf, simply ditch it and move on. Ask for help whenever you can. That way you should know for sure. But sometimes asking the sales clerk isn’t even good enough.

There’s two fancy words or phrases I no longer like to hear. They are ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’. So, if a sales clerk responds negatively to my probing questions on positive benefits that a new line of beauty products may be carrying, I bid her adieu and go to the next store. If a clerk stammers one more time that ‘I don’t know’ I’m going to get really angry and start to smack some bottoms. Okay, so I can’t do that really, I might get locked up.

But I do think it’s unfair that hardworking blokes and girls should be denied employment opportunities when others who either ‘don’t know’ or couldn’t care less (because it’s just a job to them) fill their boots. It’s also the fault of multinationals that continue to push forward expensive lines. While they continue to keep harmful chemicals in their so-called beauty products, their retailers continue to keep their worker’s wages as low as possible.

So, I have to allow this to them. It’s hard to show any interest in the work you’re doing or be passionate about the product you’re selling when you’ve been reduced to peanut wages. But then again. Oh, never mind. I was going to say, if you don’t like the wages, simply leave and go look for another job. But it’s not as easy as that. Just ask me. I’m all ballsy now when I talk to you guys but around the corner, I’m still a scaredy cat, too afraid to try out new things.

On reading the labels and what they reveal

So as I said earlier, you must read your beauty product labels. It’s no use just clapping your hands in joy at the wonderful prospects revealed in the product’s promise to improve your looks and conditioning. Take it quite seriously when they show up the chemical additives included in your moisturizer or solution. And be grateful that they are at least doing this for you. Speaking of doubts, when in doubt, also ask someone who knows better than you. I read somewhere that you could talk to ‘an esthetician who specializes in natural or holistic skin care’. Rely on qualified and knowledgeable staff at health stores and organic skin care retailers to educate you on all the healthy and refreshing alternatives. Don’t think too much how much all of this could be costing you. Remember, you’ve been paying a fortune already up to now.

What it means to go natural

I couldn’t rely entirely on my own sentiments. Remember, I’m also still quite new to the organic and natural way of life and caring for the skin, and making myself look lovely every day. So to provide you with anecdotes on what it means to go natural, I have to rely on what others say. This I’ve honed from my recent readings. One writer says that natural beauty products are an ‘increasingly important component of overall health and wellness’. From this I have deduced that it’s no longer just about looking beautiful and letting your skin glow.

Looking and feeling great is wonderful at anytime of the year, come rain or shine. Beauty products, even if it’s natural and organic, don’t get you to this state alone. We’ve still got to take a closer look at what we’re eating every day. So, where I’m personally concerned, this means cutting down drastically on my regular trips to the takeaways and my intake of coffee. Oh boy, I’m going to miss this lot. I’m also going to miss my Friday night pizzas or macaroni cheese.
My mum will be happy when the day that I give up on the junk for good arrives. She’ll be ecstatic one day when I walk into her kitchen one afternoon and I announce that I’m not a smoker anymore. I know she’ll ask after not seeing me nip out for a puff and instead staying in the kitchen, sitting with her and enduring her tirades on what I should or shouldn’t be doing with the rest of my life, along with all her other usual complaints.

It’s not all doom and gloom out there. Go shopping right now and you’ll see that there’s plenty to chirp about. Whether it’s to improve your looks, good for your skin or what needs to go in your tummy.

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