Feeling Good

Look For The People Amongst You That Have Triumphed To Inspire You

Oi! You there! Yes, you. Sorry, love, but I had to shout to get your attention. I wanted to ask you why you’re feeling so down in the dumps lately. Boy troubles again, I suppose. Or is it work. Not enjoying it. I always say, be grateful that you have a job to go to in the morning. Or if you don’t like what you’re doing then simply hit the job finder and start looking for a new place to go to make a new beginning. And if you are having boy troubles, there’s only one solution to that one; dump the dude. He’s broken your heart already so what more can go wrong.

Girls, I went for a walk this afternoon to go and visit my mum. I’ll admit that it was for selfish reasons that I went. First of all, we’re not exactly close but because she’s getting on in her years, we have what is called an amicable relationship. It’s all about keeping the peace until she goes and that sort of thing. And I really don’t like being hot and bothered about silly little things anyway. So, as I was saying, I was feeling down in the dumps myself.

Also, my kitchen was looking a little bare and I blew the budget over the weekend so won’t be able to get to the shops until later this coming week (at the time of writing this post). So, first of all, maybe there’s something nice to nibble over there. But bugger me, I was there so early, the old folks were still having their breakfast. So all I got was half a roll and a warm, but not hot, cuppa. And then the old lady gives me basket of veggies to take home with me, thinking that I’m starving and all. Well, okay, I am a bit peckish, but can anyone blame me for wanting to look this hot with this slim-line figure that I’ve got.

The second selfish reason for going over to my mum was for a little inspirational chit-chat. I was kind of hoping that she’d be able to perk me up a bit for the hard week ahead of me. But to my disappointment, all I got was another bag of moaning and groaning. Well, that serves me right, I suppose. But never mind all that, I’m alright now, I suppose. For you lot it must be nice to know that I’m also human. I’ve got my feelings too, you know.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to begin this post. I had been thinking along the way about feeling good. I was thinking about all the cool things we can and should be doing to make us feel a little better about ourselves, but ended up telling you about my short visit to my mum. Nothing wrong with that. It’s probably the most innocent gossip you’re likely to hear for a long time. Now there’s another thing, if you need to hammer your emotions into positive shape, all you need to do is turn to the daily tabloid pages.

If you thought you had problems, just read what these celebs get up to. Just read what they have to put up with in their daily lives. So, here I was thinking I haven’t got much in my purse lately, also dreaming what it must be like to live in a castle with my very rich and extremely handsome prince charming, when all of a sudden comes this big Brangelina story. There’s plenty of other big celebrity breakups to read about on the internet if you’re interested in giving yourself a pat on your shoulder to tell yourself that your life ain’t so bad.

But, you know what; we shouldn’t be looking at all the bad news stories. To make ourselves feel really good, we should be looking out for those inspirational stories on how some couples have made a success of their marriages, come hell or high water, or how one bird went on to start her own company against all odds. But, I guess my job’s done for now here. I’m almost certain I heard someone giggle out there.

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