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Oh No I’m Starting To Get Wrinkles Already

Hullo, hullo, hullo, it’s me again. It’s Pish Posh, or did you forget. Maybe you’re getting old before your time and I wonder if it’s something you ate. Or what then? Are you getting wrinkles before your time? And in any case, who says you need to get wrinkles anyhow. It doesn’t matter how old you are, no one needs to get old before their time. Sometimes it’s purely hereditary and comes down to the stresses of life. I get that, and it can’t be helped. For instance, there are girls who will go gray before their time. There are those who prefer to age gracefully, as they say, but gray hair in your twenties, never. Come on.

Then again, it’s become quite fashionable among some of us youngsters to have a cartoonish head of metallic gray hair. I’ve seen some girls with different shades of blue on their top, and then there’s this crazy looking bloke whose hair is either shocking pink, like a strawberry ice-cream, or brilliant parsley green as if he was the Joker. Why can’t all blokes dress like Bruce Wayne instead then, hey? Because there’s girls like us about, that’s why. We love the element of fun and it’s a real cool kick to look shockingly different from the rest of humanity.

I mean, why be normal. Normal is boring, its passé. It’s cool to dye your hair, but girls, please, please be careful how you go about this. Don’t go mucking up your hair, damaging it for good. Remember that earlier fun post about the ridiculous lengths some women have gone to do up their hair, splotch themselves with makeup and make their skin look younger. If you could see and talk to them now, I’m sure some of them will be wrinkled like prunes. Although prunes on its own is ok. It’s good for digestion, you’ll know, and I really enjoy it with my muesli or oats with fat-free, fresh from the dairy farm yoghurt.

But I don’t like the pits. It’s a schlep having to spit prunes out every five seconds and then pick some of the grainy bits out from your teeth afterwards. But then again, if teeth are already gleaming white and its gums are already looking and feeling strong and healthy, there’d be no need to sit picking one’s teeth after ever meal. Instead of that, we should be brushing it nicely after every meal and then also in the morning and again before bedtime at night.

I guess you may have figured out by now that I’m certainly no prune and something of a night prowler, a party animal of sorts, enjoying late nights out and all of that. Partly true, but not entirely. No late nights for me for at least six days of the week, Mondays to Fridays to be precise. Saturday nights are reserved for my late nights out with the girls. Once a week is good enough for healthy girls like you or me. You’re not healthy? Well, perk up love, there’s still plenty of time for you to pull shipshape, and the sooner you get your act together, the better.

It’s all in a day’s work, but it’s not all hard work either. The times have changed and it’s actually become a lot easier for women in their twenties, thirties, forties, well, way into their sixties, to take good care of themselves and to make themselves look and feel beautiful. Anything older than that and then I think it’s fair to say that health issues start to creep in, no matter how vigilant you’ve been throughout your life to keep yourself looking, feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy.

I’m no beauty expert, but I can tell you that it only takes common sense to reap benefits in the way of being more beautiful than the average Joe or Sally. Earlier, I said be careful with your hair. No matter what product packs say, I always believe that it’s best to check in with the pros before you start mucking up your nice bush over the washbasin. It’s pricey, I know, but I’d much prefer a trip to the salon just to make sure the coloring in is all done right and proper. And then you can take advantage of the latest gossip while you’re there.

You know, us girls love to talk. I even talk in my sleep. Well, we’ve yet to prove that that’s true but I do know that I talk to myself sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, by the way, I read that brilliant and highly intelligent blokes and birds have a tendency to do just that. Well, I hope you enjoyed my syrupy warble today. I just didn’t know what else to chat about today.

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