Womens Beauty

The Natural Skin Care Products I Use That You May Want To Consider

All over the world they’re talking about going organic. Can you hear? I’m a city girl at heart, but even I can hear the cacophony. But look here girls; it’s actually all good news where women’s beauty is concerned. For many years now, the products that we’ve been using actually did more damage than good. These products were heavily laden with chemicals, petroleum even, that carried harmful side effects for some women’s sensitive skin. It’s almost guaranteed these days that women will look and feel beautiful once they switch over to using the natural alternatives and the organic products on the market for women’s beauty and skin care. Continue Reading

Feeling Good

Look For The People Amongst You That Have Triumphed To Inspire You

Oi! You there! Yes, you. Sorry, love, but I had to shout to get your attention. I wanted to ask you why you’re feeling so down in the dumps lately. Boy troubles again, I suppose. Or is it work. Not enjoying it. I always say, be grateful that you have a job to go to in the morning. Or if you don’t like what you’re doing then simply hit the job finder and start looking for a new place to go to make a new beginning. And if you are having boy troubles, there’s only one solution to that one; dump the dude. He’s broken your heart already so what more can go wrong. Continue Reading

Womens Beauty

Don’t Forget To Cleanse For Great Beauty

Oi! You there! Me! Pish Posh here! C’mon luv, time to pay attention now, particularly you lot what’s not feeling so good about yourselves so lately, if you don’t mind me saying so. I’m gonna be giving you girls a bit of a pep talk today about the matter of lifting you’se outta your doom and gloom. I’ll be smacking your flabby bottoms every now and then to get you’s moving. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more, if you don’t mind me saying so. Continue Reading

Women Skin Care

Beware, These Things Hurt.

Ouch! That was my first reaction when I skim read through the info I picked up on skin care products. My first reason for doing all of this was to get out of town and find stuff that was cheaper and more cost-effective to keep in the bathroom, my personal beauty parlor, in other words. But it was like going around on a merry go round that never stopped and made me quite dizzy. Yes, really, the about turn on my reading was starting to make me dizzy. Continue Reading

Feeling Good

Feel Good About Yourself In Order To Achieve That Good Feel Factor

Girls, time for an inspirational post. It’s time to start looking at yourself in the mirror in a whole new different way to help you to start feeling really good about yourself. This short inspirational post is written for those girls who are really feeling down in the dumps and who may even be suffering from what they call low self-esteem, for whatever reason. Isn’t it true that most young girls seem to be focused so much on their looks? What to wear in the morning, and how many kilos I need to shed, that sort of thing. Continue Reading