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Take Good Care Of Your Skin, And You Take Good Care Of Your Health And The Environment.

When you do one good thing for yourself without even trying, it seems as though you end up helping others too. Well, this sentiment would not truly apply in the conventional sense of everyday life which, last time I checked, is pretty rough and tough, especially for us girls, not so. If you’re like me, you pretty much think only of yourself. What to wear in the morning and what makeup to use, and so on. What to nibble on when you get home from work that sort of thing.

But it turns out that in today’s times when it comes to looking after your beautiful skin, you’re doing favors elsewhere too. Without going into detail at this point of this post, by going organic with your entire beauty, cleansing and skin care regime, you’re saving a rainforest and mostly likely a few skins too. But let’s talk about you and me for now. How do natural and organic alternatives in skin care products benefit us?

Good for skin and health

•    Government sanctioned organic beauty products by law, and strictly speaking, only include organic ingredients on a par with similar standards to those used for organic food.

•    While no poisonous chemical ingredients, pesticides and fertilizers go into your tummies, none are slobbered on your skin either.

The alternatives to these healthy standards remain too hair-raising to contemplate, but just to poke fun at the multinationals in the sense that most of us have found them out, let’s give the new girls a quick warning on continuing to persist with their conventionals. All the harmful chemicals and toxins, if you’re not chowing them but still slapping on your skin, are still going to go inside of your body. Any type of lotion or solution placed on your skin is going to be absorbed and will enter the body that way. This is why it’s quite possible to get infected by a cancer or two.

Beware of the fragrance label

The organic alternatives apparently don’t have them at all. But fragrances as a matter of course contain numerous harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. Also, certain chemicals within these fragrances can wreak havoc on your pH levels. You must have had plenty of those days, I know, as young as I am, even I’ve had them, when even your skin feels tired. When that happens, it’s got nothing to do with the weather or how bad your day went. It’s got everything to do with the ingredients in your fragrance bottle. Then again, to speak of the weather, we’ve got lots of pollution now too, haven’t we? Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

But even there, whether it’s the products we’re using or a more vigilant course of action, there is always something we can do about that nasty weather. It’s going to be difficult for you lot in the beginning but one small step towards helping to reduce pollution in our skies is to simply stop buying conventional beauty products and switching to organic alternatives for once and for all. Where do you think they make all your favorite fragrances anyway? The next time your train or tram huffs and puffs through an industrial area, look out the dirty window and take a glare at those tall stacks belching out dirty, poisonous smoke like, well there you go, a chain smoker.

A smoking gun

Speaking of which, you may have picked up my confession in my previous post. I am a smoker. Yes, I’m being honest with you, but let me just state for the record that I’d love to give it up altogether. In order to do that, I’ve since learned that I’d need to give up a lot of other things as well. These are mainly indulgences in the form of what we like to eat every day. It is said that the healthier the body is, infused entirely with natural ingredients, the easier it becomes to give up things like smoking. Another big issue I have with smoking is the havoc it will cause my skin one day if I live as long as my mum.

I’ve got lovely skin for now, but wait until you get older. As a smoker you could end up being as wrinkled as a prune. Oh, no, no, no, no, that’s not something I’d like to look at in the mirror someday. So, may as well start trying to pack up the habit today. Okay, just one more smoke, then I’m done. No, wait, let me finish this last pack of mine then we’re quits for good. Yes, it’s me talking but not even that attitude flies. If you want to stop, you must do so now. No ifs or butts. It’s that simple. Easier said than done, of course.

In one of my delightful chats with my mum, she once again reminded me of all the healthy things I could afford to purchase once I’ve ditched my filthy habit. If you thought your cosmetics and food was pricey, just add up the cost of smoking a pack of cigarettes each and every single day of the year and see just how much you burnt up in smoke. All good and well to go orgasmic and organic in switching to natural skin care products, but we’ve simply got to stop smoking. Otherwise it makes no odds. The skin stays unhealthy and then there’s that cancer scare.

Tea instead of coffee

I’ve heard that a nice cup of green tea will help clear my skin’s pores. Like most fruit, it’s got its own bouquet of antioxidants which fight off the toxins that try to enter your skin throughout the day. Phew, girls, I’m blasted. I’m done talking for one day. Why don’t you send us a mail once in a while and tell us what you’re thinking about on your looks and skin care issues.

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